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If you’ve been in a car accident, our specialists can help. We have a team of experienced Denver car accident lawyers who will fight for you. We specialize in auto accidents and personal injury cases in Denver, Colorado. With years of experience, we are Denver’s leading choice for accident lawyers.

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We are the leading car accident attorneys in Denver, Colorado. We have successfully represented clients in all types of auto accident cases and have a proven track record of success. We are here to help you get the full and fair compensation that you deserve.

Our Denver car accident attorneys understand the insurance companies tactics and know what it takes to win a case. We’ll take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Call us today at 720-786-7775 if you’re looking for a Denver car accident attorney.

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Your Legal Options

Not many situations are as scary as getting involved in a vehicular accident. Suddenly, you are suffering from injuries and pain, as well as your vehicle now looks like an accordion all crushed up.

Whenever someone is suffering pain and shock, they likely can’t think very clearly. That is the reason you should get expert guidance and up to date legal advice from a vehicle accident lawyer in Colorado. That way you will know exactly what is going on, as well as the proper actions to take. With the assistance of our legal team, we will guide you through all the hassles and deliver all the needed info for navigating a claim.

We know you’ll have a ton of questions after experiencing a vehicle accident. We’re ready to assist you and guide you through the complex legal system.


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The Info You’re Seeking After a Vehicle Accident

Underneath, we’ve put together all the answers to common questions which are likely to be useful after a vehicle accident.

If you’ve had vehicle damages or are suffering from injuries, it’s normally a logical route to file a claim with your insurance company. If the other vehicle caused the accident, you likely can recover your damages and loss via their insurance company. It’s always possible to discuss things with one of our lawyers with a free consultation so we can figure out if a claim is warranted.

We have to go over all the facts regarding the accident before we can tell you how much money it may bring you. A claim gets settled via taking a look at all your medical bills, as well as the bills for the vehicle damage, any lost income, and several other factors. One of our experienced lawyers can assist you in determining a rough estimate of the amount you might get.

Whenever figuring out if you should agree to a settlement offer from an insurance company, be certain the amount is fair and you’re getting compensated fully. Generally, the rule of thumb is don’t agree to their first offer, as normally we can negotiate, particularly if they’re offering a lot below the limits on their insurance policy.

Colorado gives accident victims 3 years from the day they were in the vehicle accident to file legal action. If you don’t do so within that range, you will lose all your rights for recovering compensation of any kind.

Firstly, check all occupants for injury. Call for an ambulance if someone requires medical attention.

Next, call the police so you’ll have a proper police report on file. Wait for the police officer to get there and for them to evaluate everything in order to figure out who caused the accident.

Be sure to snap pictures of both the accident scene and your vehicle’s damages, as well as pictures of any injuries sustained. Get contact info for anyone who witnessed the accident.

Get checked out by a doctor, as there are cases of injuries not appearing until several hours or even a few days after an accident. You should make an appointment as soon as possible to be sure you are alright. If you suffered any injuries, always follow the physician’s directions and keep up the treatment program they have prescribed.

Speak to a lawyer, as they can assist you in filing a claim, negotiating a settlement price, and ensuring you get your rights protected.

You might be eligible to get payment for any repairs or replacement of your vehicle, as well as your doctor bills, lost income, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, as well as any additional expenses related to your accident.

More than one person could  be legally responsible, such as the driver, the maker of any defective parts, or a business if one of its trucks hit you. All situations are different, and that’s why it is vital to speak to a vehicle accident lawyer so they can review your case and figure out who is legally responsible.

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